First Post, First Link

This is the first post for Smithware on WordPress. I’ve recently made the move from e107, itself a fine CMS, to WordPress because e107 had too many features that I just didn’t need and a fidgety way of looking at themes and plugins.

I had intended my first post to be about Xbox Live and how it was unnecessarily complicated to cancel your Gold membership, especially when compared to how easy it is to setup your Gold membership, but I shall begin this new voyage by making mention of someone who provided some help to me during my final year project at King’s.

Needless to say, but here it is anyway, I owe a great amount of thanks to Bryan, Matt, Clive and the people from NLTK, and perhaps to a lesser extent, but worthy of mention nonetheless Albert and The Pole. But during my project, which was in Interactive-Question Answering, I sought help and looked at code from one Jacob Perkins.

Now the reason I mention Jacob, and his site, is that he has written a book on natural language processing. I haven’t purchased my copy yet but will, come pay day, and I expect that the book will exceed the quality of the posts on his website. So I am, pre-emptively, recommending that you, especially if you’re using NLTK, make purchase with some urgency. You can find the post on his book here:

Happy hacking,

*** UPDATE ***
I didn’t notice before but there is a website associated with the book too.
You can find it here:

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One Response to First Post, First Link

  1. Thanks a lot James, I really appreciate the sentiment. I’m glad my site & code has helped you. I also wrote another post with some background on how the book began: Beginning Python Text Processing with NLTK. I hope you enjoy your future purchase 🙂

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