Getting your theory test certificate number

If, like me, you like to leave things until the last possible minute and then love to lose pertinent information for that last minute thing then you may find yourself calling the DSA (Driving Standards Agency) to get your theory test certificate number.

I couldn’t actually find a number described as the one that should be used to get this information but there are a few that come up as promising candidates.
The first one is 0300 200 1122. Do not call this number. It gets incredibly busy and for 2 weeks I’ve had absolutely no success in getting through to anybody.
The second one, and the one you should be calling, is 0300 200 1188. This is the customer enquiries and complaints number. I’ve found it much easier to get through to this number and the person on the other end can get your certificate number for you promptly – just make sure to have your driving licence number to hand.

Here’s a link to the webpage with the numbers on but there’s every possibility that this will change at some point as government websites inevitably do:

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