TfL Launch Mobile Bus Timetable Site

Gone, gone are the days of standing out in the cold wondering when your bus will come. Now, if you own a phone that can access the Internet, you can stand out in the cold and know precisely when your bus will arrive by checking TfLs mobile bus countdown website. Of course you can also loiter in the nearest KentuckyFriedMcNeroStar until it’s time to go but we all know the weather builds character. A bitter, resentful, angry character that can in some, extreme, instances lead to lunacy and the constant need to lie.

I tested out the site today and the information seems complete and up-to-date which is hardly surprising as it comes from the GPS data transmitted by the buses themselves.

For those of you fortunate enough to have an Android device I highly recommend the Buscount application found here.
I’m sure there must be an iPhone equivalent so if anyone can provide a link I’ll put it up here.
Update: Laura Quinn points out that iPhone users may make use of the Next Buses app.

And to those of you without access to an application, well you can just point your phone’s browser to, search for either a bus stop near you or at a desired location then bookmark the page you need.

This is a long awaited functionality from TfL – they’ve had an equivalent in Edinburgh for a while now (at least 3 years I think) – and I look forward to TfL opening up access to even more of its data in the near future.

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2 Responses to TfL Launch Mobile Bus Timetable Site

  1. Laura Quinn says:

    Ah bless, someone else took a while to discover that TfL leaves small presents. Next Buses is the Iphone App that changed my life. I was completely shocked how accurate it was and feel extremely smug when I step out of the door and on to the bus (as though I was choreographed, and the theme music whistles in the background). But, in return for such generous knowledge, Thames Water have dug up everything they could find whilst looking for the Lost Arc, or Victorian water lines; Boris have mercy on us all. My current bus stop is closed for a week. Insert punctuation distortion here.

    • James says:

      Public Services giveth with one hand, and He taketh away with the other. Though sometimes I think there’s more taking with a touch of brutalisation. The roadworks on Fulham Palace Road being a prime example of lots and lots of taking.

      Thanks for the Next Buses tip. I shall update the above.

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