And The Lord will rain down a plague of very small rodents?

It seems that the Old Testament God really has gone all shy on us, leaving his lazy and frankly farcical sibling, God, to dole out punishments on sinners everywhere.

This time the sorry soul feeling His mighty wrath is Tesco in Covent Garden. And the hellish plague he has inflicted them with? Fire and brimstone? Locusts? A recoverable infestation of mice? Bingo! The fine people over at Christian Voice seem to have received some intelligence that God, with everything He can do, has decided to send some mice to a single Tesco store in Covent Garden. I shit you not.

Image: Karen Shaw /

We have God on our side and we will totally fuck your shit up

Why? Because they have given some support to The Gays. You know, the ones who are constantly trying to control your womb or writing state legislature meaning that women who want an abortion have a wand – not as cool as it sounds – inserted into their vagina so they can see a scan of the foetus in case they aren’t suffering enough emotional trauma.

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