State Schools Urge Pupils to Sign Anti-Gay Marriage Petition

In a few lines some of you may feel somewhat cheated as you might think that I have misled you somehow with the title of this entry. You are rightly furious when confronted with the idea that a school, that your tax money has funded, is preaching homophobic ideas to its pupils.

A handful of you will now silently drift off with a shrug when I say that the schools in question are Catholic state schools and should not be allowed to preach about their intolerant religion with impunity.

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In the name of the Father, the Son and these fabulous entry level anal beads.

In what can only be described as a massive dick move, the Catholic Education Service – which I’m assured is not an oxymoron – contacted approximately 359 of the taxpayer funded educational establishments to point them and their students in the direction of a petition opposed to gay marriage.

So what’s the big deal? The Catholic Church is full of arseholes right? Well, yes but it’s bad enough that these children are being indoctrinated without them having this shit shoved down their throats too. Students, aged 11 – 18, at St Philomena’s Catholic School for Girls were reported to have been shown a presentation which ended with an encouragement to sign an anti-gay marriage petition put about by the bastards at Coalition for Marriage.
And this is the point I want to re-iterate: these schools are being funded with money from your purse and my wallet.

But what can we do? We can calmly debate or scream about this issue until our voices die but the threat of faith schools can only be curtailed by the government – which seems unlikely given previous form with faith & free schools and the Lords reform – or from Catholics themselves. The former, as I said, is unlikely to do anything and it is daft to think Catholics will take a stand against their leaders regardless of what is said. They are self-described sheep and will do as they’re told. Privately they may show support for gay marriage but they’ll bend over and take the Papal rod when push comes to shaft.

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