What Doctors Don’t Tell You – An Incredible Accusation

It’s a strange thing to think that your doctor may be keeping a secret from you. Some medicine, cheap and plentiful, that could change your life for the better, forever.

My family doctor has treated us for at least the last 28 years and I couldn’t imagine that when a relative was diagnosed with ovarian cancer he was keeping the true secret to curing it from her, from us all. But this is exactly what one publication suggests.

Good for hangovers and hunger but not cancer.

What Doctors Don’t Tell You (WDDTY) is a monthly magazine published in the UK that claims to reveal the secret cures that doctors, for wild and highly conspiratorial reasons, refuse to tell us.
Some of their recent revelations include sunbathing to rid one of diabetes, and vitamin C, which doesn’t do much for the common cold, as a cure for AIDS and measles.

That WDDTY feel that they can, and should, publish such material speaks to their attitude about evidence in treatments but what concerns me most is the accusation that around the world millions of doctors, nurses, pharmacologists, pharmacists, any number of healthcare professionals and dedicated researchers are actively allowing innocent people to die by their millions.
This is not a light accusation. If we take malaria as an example then the people at WDDTY are effectively saying that all the people involved in combating malaria were somehow responsible for the deaths of between an estimated 655,000 and 1,133,000 in 2010 alone.
Health workers are being gunned down whilst trying to bring vaccines to those in need. Do you honestly believe that these incredible people would risk their lives to inject children with a drug they know won’t work, or worse yet will actively harm the child?

I hope that the accusation makes you feel as sick as it does me. Your doctor is not keeping secrets from you and whilst the world of drug research isn’t perfect you can bet your arse that the cancer, HIV, malaria, TB and heart disease researchers, along with uncountable others, are out there working hard every day to make the world a safer place whilst these quacks, these frauds, these charlatans, these vile fucking murderers seem only too keen to turn a profit at the cost of your life.

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