Homeopathic nonsense crops up in local article

Homeopathy can appear anywhere I guess. I’ve recently seen it pop up in my local newspaper (Fulham & Hammersmith Chronicle) in an article on urban foxes and their status as pests.
The piece features a Kensington man, Mark Mason, who makes honeyed sandwiches, laced with a “homeopathic remedy”, for the local foxes. Whilst I appreciate the sentiment I think the foxes should be left to their own devices. They are wild animals and should be treated as such. Leave them to find their own food so that they can reach a stable population size without our interfering, and definitely stop leaving discarded food for them to find near your house!

That’s all I want to say on the fox issue. What concerns me more is how the journalist, Camilla Horrox, has simply suggested that the homeopathic, honey sandwich Mark is feeding to the foxes can somehow cure mange. Here’s the opening paragraph:

URBAN foxes in KensingtonĀ are being fed honeyed sandwiches laced with a homeopathic remedy which treats mange by a local wildlife lover.

Further down it possibly gets worse.

Mark Mason-Gardner 45, is also trying to educate children in the area about how important urban wildlife is despite being classified as a pest by the council and many other residents in the borough.

I sincerely hope that whilst teaching the youth Mark doesn’t try to pass off nonsense about homeopathy. We’re seeing now what happens when bad advice is given on medicines, with the MMR scare. Any one person suggesting alternative medicine is at all effective is one person who can cause more damage than they realise. Journalists, even at the local level, should take more care when writing their articles that they don’t include dangerous medical advice, be it for humans or animals.

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4 Responses to Homeopathic nonsense crops up in local article

  1. Rod Gardner says:

    Clearly you are the ignorant dangerous type who comment first and read up on the facts later. The gentlemen you refer to Mark Mason from foxnthecity.com has had the most amazing success with Homeopathic remedies and the photos prove it.
    You would do welll to read more before you state stupid remarks and maybe see the evidence for yourself.
    Your second point is education, foxnthcity believe that the Badger cull and the proposed Fox Cull willl leave our wildlife in danger of extinction and the fact that a real person, not a massive organisation, just a local guy that loves wildlife doing his bit to impact change. Personally i think that his idea to present Owen Patterson with 101 reasons not Kill our wildlife, not adult opinion, but children’s art and educating the next generation to care more is commendable. Be more responsible and look at the facts before you comment.

    • James says:

      I’m afraid we clearly have different definitions of what it means for something to be proven. Homeopathy is as effective at curing things as prayer or hopping in circles whilst swinging an old sock. The idea itself is ridiculous and the more said about how water has no idea what has been in it before, the better.
      I didn’t mention it in the post because it was about how nonsensical homeopathy is, so I’ll say that I’m against any badger or fox cull that does not have a solid scientific foundation.
      Of course Mark is to be commended for his efforts in stopping a badger/fox cull that is undoubtedly political in its nature but I stand by what I said with regards to teaching children nonsense.

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