Cristina Odone wants to leave Britain if we stop animal cruelty. Go ahead.

In a piece that stinks to high heaven of confused stupidity Cristina Odone seems to have lost all sense of perspective claiming that it is British culture to place the welfare of animals above that of humans. Of course her words are chosen to invoke maximum disgust, revealing a kind of mental unbalance one often sees in the “persecuted” religious.

Britain is set to become a country that prizes a cow more than a Jew, an ox more than a Muslim. If John Blackwell, soon to be head of Britain’s vets, gets his wish, ritual slaughter will be banned. Blackwell, you see, is worried about the pain that animals might feel if they are not stunned before they are butchered. He is not worried though about the millions of Muslims and Jews whose religion dictates that they eat only animals that have been killed in a particular way. Let them eat cake.

Odone’s poorly thought out nonsense is a response to a reiteration from the British Veterinary Association calling for the ban on the unnecessarily painful slaughter of animals, specifically the sadistic practices of the dhabihah and shechita preparation of meat.
Odone naturally has no ground to stand on and this is immediately obvious in her appeal to tradition. What a tired thing.

Halal and Kosher butchers have for millennia practised a ritual slaughter as part of their religious tradition. It is a hygienic way of butchering animals which consists of slitting their throats and allowing them to bleed to death. Not for the faint-hearted, but religion seldom is.

She goes on to bark about religious people mattering less than non-theists! Is she unaware of the Bishops sat in our House of Lords, the Jewish girls’ school where questions on evolution are blanked out in exam papers, religions dodging taxes for no good reason?
Odone is typical of the kind of theist that sees removal of religious privilege as an attack on religion.

Once this precedent is established, circumcision — another religious ritual practised by both Muslims and Jews — will be banned. The anger and upset this has caused in the Muslims and Jewish communities in Germany cannot be underestimated. The German authorities, when faced with accusations of anti-Semitism, quickly backed down.

The cowardice shown by the German government in this situation is the shameful part of this story. Cutting, and often times sucking, the penis of a baby is a barbaric practice protected, once again, by religious privilege. Worse yet there have been several reports of babies being infected with herpes after having the blood sucked from their penis by the mouth of the knife-wielding rabbi. I’ll leave it to you to imagine what kind of person protects such a practice. The last part of the paragraph is unbelievable:

Their defence, like that of Mr Blackwell, was that it is “humane” to ban such religious rituals — but history shows what crushing religious minorities leads to.

 How does protecting animals or babies from unnecessary cruelty relate to “crushing religious minorities”? Nonsense. Utter nonsense.

Finally Odone shows her ignorance of biology in the last paragraph.

Banning a religious ritual because an animal may (who knows) feel some pain before its killing, is a nonsense value.

Pain in calves that were both stunned and not has been measured and it has been shown that they do suffer more when not stunned.

It prioritises the animal over the human, and the four-legged over the pious. Yet it will be adopted here in once-tolerant Britain, if Mr Blackwell has any say in the matter. I pray he doesn’t.

Forgive me if I don’t shed a tear that the pious (surely an insult) may no longer be allowed to cause suffering because their fairy tales say they must.
Religious privileges are being revoked and the odious Odone and her ilk are frightened of being forced to play on an even playing field with the rest of us.

You don’t want to live in a Britain where animal cruelty is seen as a disgrace? Please do leave, I’m sure you’ll find a comfortable home in the theocracies around the world.

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