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A feminist programming language? Why the hell not?

What might your reaction be upon hearing about the idea of a programming language that takes its cues from feminism? If you’re a computer scientist you may be interested on what parts of feminist philosophy one can apply, usefully, to … Continue reading

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Deploy a Specific Mercurial Branch with Capistrano

This is mostly a reminder for me as I couldn’t find an example online (I have notoriously bad Google-Fu) about deploying a different branch to the one you have set in your Capistrano deploy.rb file. The command is very simple: … Continue reading

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TfL Launch Mobile Bus Timetable Site

Gone, gone are the days of standing out in the cold wondering when your bus will come. Now, if you own a phone that can access the Internet, you can stand out in the cold and know precisely when your … Continue reading

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Bootstrap CSS Framework and a Sticky Footer

Edit: Bootstrap now includes a navbar that will stick to the foot of the page. This article should be considered outdated and even more incomplete. Bootstrap, brought to you buy the guys at Twitter, is a very cool CSS framework … Continue reading

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Show All Results With The will_paginate Gem

A partial solution to getting will_paginate to show all the results on the one page. I chose to stick the link that will cause all the results to be displayed inside the pagination menu using jQuery. This should go in … Continue reading

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Paginate an array using will_paginate

The will_paginate gem is a great bit of kit for adding pagination to your larger result sets. I recently had some trouble getting will_paginate to paginate an array. Naturally I checked the will_paginate Github page but failed to see a … Continue reading

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Blueprint CSS and jQuery Datepicker

A quick post for those who have had problems with the formatting issues that arise when using the jQuery Datepicker with Blueprint. I took the fixes given here to come up with my own solution below. Here’s the CSS that … Continue reading

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