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Interesting Science: The Birthday Paradox

Those in the know will be very aware that I have had a lot of time on my hands recently. In that time I have chosen to learn various bar scams or magic tricks and also to read up on … Continue reading

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Detecting a Follow-up Query

I haven’t seen any actual code for this up so I thought I’d put something up. Detecting a follow-up query is actually quite simple if you make a few assumptions. In the code I’ll give we assume that: Any query … Continue reading

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Untokenize. Brought to you by Python.

When writing IQABOT (see here) I needed to undo the tokenization of a rewritten query. Below is the code for a very simple Python function to “untokenize” some text.

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Interactive Question Answering Chatbot (IQABOT)

For my final year project at uni I decided to write an interactive question answering chatbot, which I lovingly named IQABOT. Though the project ultimately received a First, I think I could have planned better had I known a little … Continue reading

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