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Homeopathic nonsense crops up in local article

Homeopathy can appear anywhere I guess. I’ve recently seen it pop up in my local newspaper (Fulham & Hammersmith Chronicle) in an article on urban foxes and their status as pests. The piece features a Kensington man, Mark Mason, who … Continue reading

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What Doctors Don’t Tell You – An Incredible Accusation

It’s a strange thing to think that your doctor may be keeping a secret from you. Some medicine, cheap and plentiful, that could change your life for the better, forever. My family doctor has treated us for at least the … Continue reading

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Homeopathy and Greg Hands. A Response

I recently received a reply from Greg Hands, the MP for Chelsea and Fulham, regarding a letter I wrote to him questioning his stance on homeopathy in the NHS. The response contains little in the way of answers to my … Continue reading

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Open Letter to Greg Hands

Update: Scroll down for the reply from Greg Hands. Dear Mr Hands, In 2007 you were a signatory to EDM 1240, effectively promoting the continued use and dissemination of useless interventions and poor medical advice. Given the recent trend in … Continue reading

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